CTN-003 - Travertine stone "Darreh bokhari" cloud and wind C

"Darreh Bukhari" travertine stone Cloud and wind is one of the best travertine stones in Iran. This stone is one of the best options for exterior and interior facades of classic and modern buildings.

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Travertine is a type of limestone that is formed by the deposition of hot springs over many years. The structure of this rock is layered and forms over time.The less travertine and impurities it has, the higher its strength. This stone has thermal and acoustic insulation properties and the cavities in it increase fire resistance. Travertine has an acceptable strength.

Travertine can be used in very cold areas or areas with heavy rainfall, as well as for high-rise buildings without worrying about dropping the stone.

The "specific weight" of travertine is lower than other building stones and puts less load on the building. This stone has a high polishing property and can be used to perform classic and modern facades well.

Outside of Iran, the use of travertine is not limited to the facade of buildings and interior walls, but we also see its widespread use for flooring or toilets and pools.